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'So, why shower hats?' you ask. Have you ever noticed that people smile and giggle as if they are the funniest objects on the planet. Say 'shower hat' in front of a man and they pull weird faces and just do not understand why we need them. When we first mentioned it to our accountant, he roared with laughter and didn't take it seriously until we showed him a sample (a few months later, he confessed that his wife wears one).

So come on own up! How many of you have taken the complimentary shower hat in hotels? Here's a few ideas people have genuinely used the "complimentary shower hat" for:

  • decorating, to stop the paint going on your hair
  • dying your hair
  • when applying make-up or a face mask
  • sun bathing
  • christmas stocking presents (and no it was not us!)
  • gardening (we can't figure out that one either)
  • Oh! In the shower to stop your hair getting wet

Then begins the hunt for a shower hat in the shops. What a nightmare!!! OK the odd back street chemist sells them but they only have a small selection (usually limited to clear plastic). Why can't we find a trendy, colourful one that we can proudly hang on our bathroom door, that guests would only smile and want, rather than snigger at?

So that's how the Shower Hat Company was born.